Mike Vrabel: I don’t foresee anything limiting Treylon Burks

The Titans selected receiver Treylon Burks in the first round of this year’s draft to help replace A.J. Brown, who was traded to the Eagles.

Burks wasn’t able to participate in much of the team’s offseason program. During OTAs, the Titans said he was dealing with issues related to his asthma. For minicamp, head coach Mike Vrabel would only say he was “unavailable.”

But at least for now, those issues appear to be behind Burks. On Tuesday, G.M. Jon Robinson said Burks did a “nice job” with his conditioning test. And Vrabel indicated there isn’t anything that should limit him on the field entering training camp.

“Every day is something different with each guy, so we’ll approach those and handle those as we can but I don’t foresee anything [limiting him], but anything could always come up,” Vrabel said, via Ben Arthur of The Tennessean. “I’m not going to predict who’s going to be out there every day now. I can’t do that. I won’t do that. We’re focusing on daily improvement with each and every player. We’re excited to keep working with him.”

Vrabel also noted that he’ll measure Burks’ progress by how the young receiver embraces the “little things” throughout camp, like understanding where to be as the Titans install more plays into their offense.

“There’s a lot of information that we give him. That you can come out and compete. The biggest thing for training camp is earning the trust of teammates and coaches, not only developing,” Vrabel said. “It’s also about trust and where you’re supposed to be for the quarterback. Doing those things day in and day out with some consistency.”

The Titans overhauled the top of their receiving corps this offseason with Burks and Robert Woods replacing Brown and Julio Jones. If Tennessee is to win its third straight AFC South title, both Burks and Woods will have to play well in 2022.